The Bottoms Property

Shea elevations

Shea elevations

Shea Homes plan.

Shea Homes has proposed an attractive and well considered plan for this site.  They have worked with the community, and have paid attention to our concerns.  We are actively supporting their  plan.  Not only is it an excellent plan for the site, it is superior in every way to what Toll had proposed.  We urge all neighbors to support the Shea plan.

This is a rendering of the plan represents an aerial view of their proposed project.  You may click on it to enlarge it.

Shea Aerial Rendering

Shea Aerial Rendering


2005 ~ The Toll Brothers Plan

In 2005, Toll was moving ahead with its plan for the Bottoms Site.  The outline was this:

  • 300 Residential condominium units
  • Four 4-5 story buildings
  • General Plan Amendment
  • Zoning change

The Toll Plan

Below is a typical building Elevation as proposed by Toll.

It is 77′ tall.


The Site Plan shows the configuration of the Toll buildings. Toll proposed approximately 300 units, five story tall buildings. The inverted U-shaped building on the left is to be four stories over parking, or around 65 feet tall.


The 3 buildings to its right are to be 5-stories tall, or around 75 feet tall.

The Human Scale image shows the relationship between a 5-story Seacliff building and a person. The person is the red figure next to the tree.

Our Alternative Plan

The plan below had been our suggested alternative.

We felt that the blocky and unimaginative buildings should be modified. They should step down in height toward the water.

A variety of building types and heights would ameliorate the problems of mass, scale, and the unrelieved roof lines that are present in the Toll plan.

Seacliff Alternative Plan

Seacliff Alternative Plan