Design Principles for Brickyard Cove

Over the course of a number of meetings with the community in a Design Charrette, several principles emerged that we hoped would provide the basis for any new design of a significant site in the area.

The massing of any new project is as follows:

  • Buildings should be located as far back as possible against the hills;
  • The highest buildings are to be located in the back to prevent view obstruction, and taper down to the perimeter, where heights should not exceed 2 stories.
  • Buildings should be sited at the back in order to open up the area along the shoreline to public enjoyment.
    More community guidelines:
  • The pages linked below were extracted from the Charrette report.    They relate to Design Principles.
  • The entire Charrette report can be viewed in full by clicking on the Exhibits header above.
  • Here are the pages summarizing the Design Principles.

Design Principles pages