Terminal One Site

TerminalOne aerialThe Terminal One site is owned by the City of Richmond.  It is located at the end of Dornan Drive as it meets Brickyard Cove Road, and will have, when the old warehouse is removed, a stunning and unobstructed view of San Francisco Bay.

Terminal One was used as a site for transferring oils and other materials from ships to trains. Over the years, the site was contaminated in places by the toxic materials that were transferred.  In order to mitigate those toxins, wells were sunk into the affected area, and essentially cooked at very high temperatures in order to volatilize the compounds in the soil.  This was done in anticipation of developing the site for residential use.

The site consists of approximately 13 acres of land.  Here is the site from an aerial photograph.  Scroll down below the photo to read about the Toll Brothers saga.

In 2004, the City awarded development rights to Toll Brothers.  With no input whatsoever from the community, Toll proposed an uninspired project of buildings  containing 325 units that extended to the water with no access for anyone but the residents.  CCCPR felt that the community deserved better, and eventually filed a CEQA lawsuit which halted the project.

To settle the lawsuit, Toll devised a new plan that drew on community input from a Charrette that was held in order to hear from the community.  In that plan, buildings were massed at the rear of the site and tapered down toward the water, a waterside road was included  so all could enjoy the Bay view, and 258 units were proposed instead of the original 325.

CCCPR agreed to that revised plan, and the City approved that plan in 2007.  However, because of the economic melt-down in 2008, Toll withdrew from developing the site.

In the intervening years, several developers responded to the RFP (request for proposal) from the City.  But the projects did not measure up to the potential of the site, and the City did not pursue those deals.

In 2013, the firm of Suzhou-Weibang, a Chinese development group, along with Laconia and Kwan-Hemni proposed a new development plan.  Laconia, a Walnut Creek firm, will direct the work needed to get a plan approved by the City.  Kwan-Henmi will do the site planning and architecture for the property.  The developers are shaping their plan, but no actual unit count or architectural plans have been finalized.  Their conceptual rendering of the plan-to-date can be found under Terminal One Updates.