The Three Sites

There are three large undeveloped sites in Brickyard Cove:

  • The Terminal One Site, near Ferry Point at the junction of Dornan Drive and Brickyard Cove Road.
  • The Bottoms Property, below the eastern part of Seacliff Estates, where Seacliff Road joins Brickyard Cove Road.
  • The site formerly owned by PG&E, located between Brickyard Landing and Seacliff Estates.

Here is a sketch of the sites mentioned above.

Sketch of three sites in Brickyard Cove to be developed.

Sketch of three sites in Brickyard Cove to be developed.

Significant Cumulative Effects:

  • Number of dwellings.
  • Currently there are approximately 550 dwellings in Brickyard Cove.
  • Terminal One Site:
  • Toll Brothers had proposed to add over 300 units at the Terminal One site.
  • As a result of the negotiations following our lawsuit, Toll reduced its Terminal One units to 258.
  • Suzhou-Weibang-Laconia has not specified a number of units, but appears to be desirous of higher density than even Toll.
  • Bottoms Site:
  • Toll had proposed 300 units for the Bottoms Site.
  • Shea Homes has proposed 60 units.
  • PG&E Site:
  • There is no information about what might happen on the PG&E site.