Laconia at Brickyard Landing, March 24, 2015

The latest view of what Laconia has in mind for the Terminal One site were presented at a meeting at Brickyard Landing, Tuesday, 3/24/15.

The general overview:

  • 336 total Units
  • 840 Parking places
  • 5 Condo buildings (back) / Townhouses (center) / Single-family homes (shoreline)
  • Condo buildings presented last evening were all 5-stories tall, 55′ over podium (parking).
  • Townhouses will be 3 stories, with parking underneath.
  • The BNSF property at the real of the site has not been purchased, and consequently the buildings are not back against the park bluff as much as they could be.  This is also a deviation from the Design Principles, which stipulated that “Best Efforts” would be used to secure the property.
  • Circulation:  There is a shoreline road with Bay Trail.  But in a deviation from the Settlement Plan principles, Laconia will not close Brickyard Cove Road, as had been hoped.  Previously the Toll Settlement kept Brickyard Cove Road for project access, fire access, and Bay Trail.

Many people in the large audience suggested strongly and repeatedly that they want the eastern condo building closest to the Landing and its views to be reduced to 4 stories, or 3 stories.  The lost units could be added to the middle condo building, making it taller, but at least that would somewhat mitigate the blockage of views from the Landing.  Laconia heard these comments, but did not seem to offer any resolution to act on them.

Laconia said that they met informally for a study session with the Design Review Board.  Evidently the DRB’s suggestions also concerned moving back the project, varying the rhymic line-up of the condos to something more irregular and interesting, and establishing a central entrance to the development to establish a sense of place, and a sense of arrival.