FinalCharretteReport_MIGCharrette Summary

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beforeandafterBefore and After

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MIG_summary_coverCharrette # 1

Summary by
Daniel Iacofano, facilitator
MIG, Inc.

Workshop date:
December 16, 2006

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5l-Visual12Building height:  Toll Plan, Terminal One

This simulation of an aerial view of the originally-proposed Toll condo buildings with a red flag marking the height of the proposed buildings.  The plan called for 5 stories over podium.  Buildings at the height of the flag would continue along 740 feet of Brickyard Cove Road, and extend toward the water approximately 400 feet.

Crane-028Brickyard Cove Road

This simulated view of Brickyard Cove Road, looking east, demonstrates how a long wall of condos would not only block views of the water from the road, but also create a canyon-like effect for people driving along the road.

Aerial photo of T-One siteAerial View of Terminal One Site.

Aerial View of Pt. Richmond Shores site.
Richmond Yacht Club is in the right background.
Brickyard Landing is rear left.

CCC_planOriginal CCC Plan

This plan was the original plan proposed by CCCPR before Richmond’s Design Review Board in 2005. The concept was to mass tall buildings against the hill, and locate the lower units near the water. Every unit would have an unobstructed water view. Though largely conceptual, the approximate plan’s density would have been approximately 220 units.

Other features included a median-divided shoreline road, and the closure of Brickyard Cove Road to through traffic, and moving the project back over the road.